Holiday Prices Slashed

Decided to slash some prices tonight. Just in a bargain-giving holiday mood. I have not reduced prices across the board, but many items have been reduced by 50%–reduction amounts vary. Well, that was fun. Glad I got it out of my system…


Cluny Embroidered Button Collar is Finished

Finished the button embroidered collar and am nearly done some button embroidered earrings. On a roll. The collar reminded me of lace–eyelet–do you see it that way? Larger photo in Gallery Three at



I am feeling like making things from my button collection. I have started a bead-embroidered collar with white buttons–all vintage, if not older. I am liking this. And my sister has advised me to make some more earrings with buttons. Now that I can get into. I will post photos of this collar soon. I am thinking about an eyelet influence as I make this. Oh, I am so on trend!


I struggle to make earrings. They are just too easy–no challenge. But with my upcoming show I have been told I need to make more earrings. So, I am blogging and playing Words with Friends and, if worse comes to worse, I may get out the vacuum! Procrastinate–who me?

New Flower Necklace

I have been productive this week. Made thisĀ  flower necklace, which I am calling Kilwinning, after being inspired by the flowers in my gardens. This is made with lots of lucite flowers and glass beads–it’s very full. I enjoy making different flowers to embellish a necklace. This one came out longer than I realized–it is over 27″. Love working with the colors. Get a better look in Gallery Two of my website at