And then I made another one with my clay beads



Did you miss me?

I am still beading, although I took a long hiatus. It is great to be back, needle in hand, feet up, half-watching Acorn tv shows.  I am working on a new project which is a lot of fun. The technique is so easy: using upholstery cording you stitch on rings of beads, stitching through the cording at random intervals to keep the rings tight and secure. Really nice to play with patterns and colors and embellishments. I am planning to finish it without a clasp, so that it is one continuous necklace.  I have already made plans for another one, using some of my pottery beads with beaded rings in between.


Ankara Kumihimo Pendant

Ankara Kumihimo Pendant

I’ve been in a kumihimo mood lately. I like playing the these magatama beads. They look like feathers when you line them up to go in one direction. That is soothing in some way. The pendant is kind of an organic shape, almost a triangle. It took shape as I worked on it. I like to begin with a few beads and see where it takes me. My photos may not show the bead embroidery. The back of the pendant is partially beaded also, just to have a secret little prettiness for the wearer.